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Eling Tide Mill


Arts & Heritage

Visit one of the only tide mills in
the world producing flour daily
in a 900 year old tradition

Eling Tide Mill is a water mill that harnesses the power of the tide to grind wheat into wholemeal flour.

Situated on the edge of Southampton Water beside the renowned New Forest, there has been a mill on the site for over 900 years.

It was abandoned in the 1940s, but had the good fortune to survive until it was restored between 1975 and 1980, at which time it re-opened as both a working mill, and a museum to this part of our industrial heritage. It is the only fully working and productive tide mill in the United Kingdom, once again producing flour as it had throughout the last Millennium. It is, in fact, one of only two productive tide mills in the entire world (to the best of our knowledge), and the only one producing what it was built to produce on a regular basis.

How the Mill Works

The Mill is built on the seaward side of a dam across a tidal river, when the flooding tide comes in, it pushes open one-way gates and fills up the millpond. When the tide turns and starts to go out again it slowly uncovers the waterwheel, but the sea gates are closed, trapping the water in the millpond, so the level in the millpond stays at the high tide level.

When the tide has dropped to well below the waterwheel axle, the sluice gate can be raised, a blade of water from the millpond strikes the lower blades of the waterwheel, spinning it round, allowing milling to begin.

Our Flour

Eling Tide Mill produces two flours, the first being Flour of the Forest, Stone Ground Wholemeal Flour. This is our completely local 'New Forest Marque' flour, as it is milled from grain grown just a few miles away on the Cadland Manor Estate in the New Forest. The grain is currently Solstice an English breadmaking wheat, which we mill finely for best rising.

Canute Brand Stone Ground Wholemeal Flour is the second flour we produce ourselves, this time from an English, high protein, breadmaking wheat that is organic but not local, and milled for fullest flavour rather than best rising.

For milling times visit www.elingexperience.co.uk

Contact the mill:
Tel: 023 8086 9575 
Email: info@elingtidemill.org.uk 
         or flour@elingtidemill.org.uk