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Totton & Eling

Open to the public Monday to Friday 9.00am -  4.00pm.  Closed for lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm
For telephone calls only Mon - Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm  and Friday 9.00 - 4.30pm 023 80863138.



Amenities Meeting Saturday 15.05.2021 9.30am

Cricket Club, Southern Gardens, Totton 

If members of the public wish to attend or speak before the meeting they should contact the Town Council on 02380 863138 opening times above.



Annual Town Meeting Tuesday 1 June 2021 7.15pm

Cricket Club, Southern Gardens, Totton 

If members of the public wish to attend or speak before the meeting they should contact the Town Council on 02380 863138 opening times above.




What will be open during the current Government Restrictions: –

  1. Civic Centre  – open 
  2. West Totton Centre – open for further info  click here 
  3. Calmore Community Centre – open
  4. Calmore Village Hall - open
  5. Totton & Eling Community Centre – open for exempt activities e.g. medical clinics only
  6. Hounsdown Hall – open
  7. Garage Youth Centre – open
  8. Bowls Centre - open
  9. Tide Mill, Visitor Centre & Café – closed
  10. Toll Bridge – open as normal
  11. Outdoor sports courts – open
  12. Play areas – open
  13. Public toilets – open
  14. Public open space & recreation grounds – open
  15. Litter collection – continuing as normal
  16. Grounds & Building maintenance – continuing as normal
  17. Allotments - open








  1. Please note that the Annual Town Meeting has been delayed from Wednesday 24th March 2021 until Tuesday 1st June 2021 due to Covid issues.
  2. To inform members of the public the Council are looking at over 30 projects which could be commenced in the Town as developer monies may be available.  More will be known in May as to the availability of monies and we will update this site at that time on the Council decisions.
  3. The Town has been working to prevent unauthorised encampments after many sites were invalid last year.  The invasions caused much distress to residents and costs to the Council.  It is hoped the defences will prevent further problems.
  4. There has been much online discussion in respect of the Toll Bridge at Eling but the Council would wish people to know that this arose only from the Council quite rightly looking at the public having best value and continuous improvement but that no decision has been taken and none will be taken until an in-depth investigation and report is submitted to Council. Council Members who obviously will make the final decision.



Trailblazers Multi Sport Connect Hampshire and Calmore Choices    

We would like to hear from the community about which recreational sport activities are of most interest to people. We can then schedule our plans to needs. 

See our website for more information and about getting involved www.connecthampshire.co.uk

Please see survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WPH32PC

Cemetery and Exemption passes

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the pandemic both cemetery and resident  passes 2020/2021 have been extended and will expire 31 August 2021. 

Cemetery and resident passes for 2021/2022  will start from 1st September 2021 - 31st March 2022.  We will be issuing passes from the 1st July 2021. 


Car Parking

Please note that the Totton & Eling Town Car Parks, both War Memorial and Testvale, are limited to 5 hours free parking with a £10 overstay fee after that period.  The automated ANPR equipment and barriers is being sourced at present and we hope that it will be possible for that equipment to be in place in May 2021.


Car Parking Information Starting 1 January 2021 CLICK HERE

Totton Isolation Group new telephone number 01794 514171 Email: mnaa2675@gmail.com






Totton & Eling Blossom


    Town Council Report 2020 CLICK HERE 


Totton & Eling is a town of nearly 30,000 population in the New Forest District and in the County of Hampshire. 

Over the last 30 years the Town has been a major growth area almost doubling its population.

Although only a very small area of the Town is actually in the New Forest National Park, Totton and Eling immediately adjoins the beautyof the New Forest.  

Its natural beauty and the grazing of animals on the forest by local people has maintained an historic way of life for centuries and provides a unique environment for local people to enjoy.

Totton & Eling is also close to the coast and a large city, useful for major shopping trips.

The town has a very good mix of housing, good local employment and plenty of essential shopping.

It also has a low unemployment rate of about 1% and the crime rate is low in the area.

We hope you find our website helpful and informative.

See our Freedom of Information policy. For our Audit Reports see Documents.
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